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About the AEC Bus Site


This website is dedicated to buses built by the Associated Equipment Company Ltd, and later by British Leyland Motor Corporation under the AEC marque until 1979.  The aim of the AEC bus site is to be a resource for information about AEC buses past and present, with the emphasis on the latter day AEC models and the diminishing number of AECs still in regular service.

The AEC Bus Site first opened the garage doors in January 2000, with the aim of giving AEC buses a much greater presence on the web than they had at that time. Since then all the main preservation groups, and of course the AEC Society, have established good web sites, and many photos from individual collections have been posted on the web. But the site has settled into a niche and still seems to be popular, so will continue for the foreseeable future.

Want to hire a vintage bus or Routemaster? I don't hire buses! Take a look at the AECs in Service page and look for wedding/vintage/private hire. Or visit, click your geographical area and look for vintage buses.

AECBus welcomes any photographs for the picture galleries, and reports you have of AEC buses in service or at rallies. You can send a message to AECBus by using one of the email addresses below.

The AEC Bus Site has its own email address,

The author of the AEC Bus Site is Neil Gow.  You can email Neil directly at

Neil Gow, February 2016.