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AECs in Asia and Africa

This page has pictures of AEC buses running outside the UK that have been sent to me by some of our readers.

If you would like to contribute photographs or news of AEC buses in service in Asia or Africa please email the author at


Sri Lankan Routemasters

50 Routemasters were exported to Sri Lanka in about 1988, when the first round of Routemasters withdrawals had commenced in London. In December 2002, at least three were still running in service. Registration number 60-6626 (thought to be ex RM1029) still had its original AEC engine and transmission. Registration numbers 60-6635 and 60-6639 had Ashok Leyland conversions. All were running in the Negombo area, 6626 and 6635 at Negombo and 6639 at Wennappuwa on the Negombo-Chilaw service.
Thanks to Colin McKenzie for this info. supplied Jan 2004.

60-6640 (ex RM731) was pictured in "Buses" February 2008. It was still running at Kandy on school runs in November 2008. Thanks to Chris Leah for this information and the picture.

John Polley has sent this picture of Routemaster 60-6622, which appears to have become a mobile Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet following withdrawal from service.
Desmond Tay sent this picture of RML2540 which is a static exhibit at the Gentings Theme Park in Malaysia, taken in December 2008. More pictures can be found at http://sbs3758d.fotopic.net
Thai Routemasters
Former RML2622 (NML 622E) and RML2707 (SMK 707F) are owned by the Jesada Technik Museum in Thailand - where they feature alongside a collection of bikes, aeroplanes and cars including a large collection of Messerschmidt Bubble Cars. Thanks to John Wakefield for this info.


Preserved ex Bedwas & Machen Regal III Joanna Molyneux-Killik tells us that ex Bedwas & Machen UDC AEC Regal III HTN38 is preserved by the Sandstone Heritage Trust at Sandstone Estate in South Africa. A brief history of Bruce Coachworks bodied number 7 can be found on their web site, along with some photos, at www.sandstone-estates.com/heritage/news/htn38/htn38.htm