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The London Heritage Routemaster services

Operation of the iconic London Routemaster on regular London routes "finished" on 9th December 2005 when they ran for the last time on service 159. But recognition of their role as a tourist attraction led to the introduction in 2006 of two heritage routes operated by Routemasters. Both were shortened versions of regular routes with the same numbers that operate through those corridors. Service 9 was operated by First London (Centrewest) between Albert Hall and Aldwych, later changed to run between Kensington and Trafalgar Square. It was taken over by Tower Transit in the summer of 2013 but is to be withdrawn on 25th July 2014 when the New Routemaster will take over operation of all journeys on service 9.

Service 15 is operated by Stagecoach's East London Buses subsidiary between Trafalgar Square and Tower Hill, and continues to run in the summer of 2014. Although designated as a heritage service it operates like an ordinary bus route, seven days a week, it takes cash fares and all tickets and passes are valid - just like any ordinary bus service. The Routemasters used are owned by TfL and are some of the ones that were refurbished by Marshall and fitted with Cummins engines in the 1990s. They are leased to Stagecoach, but occasionally Stagecoach will use heritage Routemasters that they own alongside the TfL ones.

First RM1204 on the 9 at Charing Cross in July 2007
RM1218 passes Charing Cross at dusk in April 2009
Already blinded up for its next journey, RM1627 takes its layover at Aldwych in August 2010
RM1735 passes through Knightsbridge on a westbound journey of the 9 in July 2011
RM1913 seen in Kensington on a rare day of sunshine in April 2013.
One of the First heritage fleet, open top RMC1510 was running as a guest vehicle on the 15 in May 2011
Another heritage Routemaster, RM1650 is seen in silver livery with fleetnumber SRM3 as it carried for the Queen's silver jubilee in 1977. It was on the 9 at Kensington in summer 2013.
East London Buses RM652 on the 15 at Charing Cross in July 2007
RM871 pauses outside St. Pauls Cathedral at dusk in April 2009
RM1933 was painted in maroon and platinum commemorative livery in 2008, to celebrate 75 years of LT and the centenary of Bow garage.  It usually runs on the 15 but was seen on the 9 during a special event day in May 2011.
RM324 passes another great London icon, Sir Christopher Wren's St. Pauls Cathedral, in August 2010
Representing 1980s style Lt with the roundel and white band, RM1968 loads at Trafalgar Square in August 2010
RM2050 on the 15 at Trafalgar Square in July 2007
RM2071 passes Charing Cross station on the 15 in October 2008
RM2089 at Tower Hill in April 2009

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