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AECBus Messageboard

This is the AEC Bus messageboard. To leave a message on the message board please email . Messages will be reviewed and posted in the next update.

When replying to messages please copy to the above address so I can compile useful information for future readers. Correspondents' email addresses are not hyperlinked so you should type or copy/paste them into your email client.

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20th June 2021
Drawings of BEA 1953 AEC Regal IVs wanted

Please could anyone help me with a specification and drawings of the bodywork for a 1953 AEC REGAL IV Park Royal bodyed BEA vehicle.
I am a very keen model builder and want to build a large scale working model. I am a present working with some internet photos.

Please could anyone help , I will be glad to pay for the copy's of the blueprints of said vehicle.
Regards, Paul Faherty:


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