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AECBus Messageboard

This is the AEC Bus messageboard. To leave a message on the message board please email . Messages will be reviewed and posted in the next update.

When replying to messages please copy to the above address so I can compile useful information for future readers. Correspondents' email addresses are not hyperlinked so you should type or copy/paste them into your email client.

Privacy Notice: By requesting that a message be placed on this board you are providing consent for your name, email address and, if you provide it, telephone number to be displayed on this page. This is required in order to enable respondents to make contact with you. You can request deletion of your personal details from this page at any time by notifying the email address above.

21st November 2018
AEC Regent wheel wanted

I am looking for a front wheel for my 1956 AEC Regent III, which is a split rim shallow dish and takes a tyre size of 10.00 x 20

Kind regards, Tim Wale.

12th October 2018
AH505 engine wanted

Looking for an AEC AH505 engine for ex Devon General AEC Reliance due to failure of current engine.

Any information please e mail Malcolm at

30th August 2018
1930s wheel size query

I wonder if someone could be so kind as to tell me the wheel size (wheel/tyre) as typically fitted to 1930s AEC coaches - I believe probably a T model? It's not technically important, I'm simply making a roughly scaled drawing of a an AEC coach from around 1930-35 which will be constructed as a wooden toy. However I would like to get it 'looking right'.
Kind regards, Tony Johnson. Email:

18th June 2018
(posted 5th July)

Parts needed for 11.3 A220 horizontal engines

We have posted previously looking for help with sourcing spares for our 11.3 A220 horizontal engines and are in need of some help again. Can anyone give details of a supplier who may have water pump seals for our three point mount belt driven pump and also rocker cover gaskets. We could also do with a spare water pump but appreciate that's a bit of a long shot. Any replies/suggestions/assistance to thanks in advance.
Graham Thornton, Bury Unit Team.

16th May 2018
(posted 5th July)

AEC RT body parts needed in the US

Hi, I have a project and I need parts please. I am looking for parts from a RT-class AEC Regent III bus. I need the

  • entire front grill
  • both front mirrors
  • both front side marker lights

If you do not have these please tell me where I can find them. I am in the United States and I need these for a project and have no sources over here. Email :


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