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Welcome to the AEC Bus Site
Putting AEC buses on the web since 2000

Last updated 5th December 2018

Recent updates

05-Dec-2018: Messageboard updated: AEC Regent wheel wanted
05-Dec-2018: AECs in Service updated
05-Dec-2018: Preserved AECs pages updated, with new pictures from correspondents
14-Sep-2018: AECs at the Rallies updated

AEC of the month

A member of the London Bus Company's heritage fleet features for the second time in a row. This time it's 1947 built AEC Regent III RT3062, still in revenue earning service and pictured doing what it was built to do 71 years earlier - taking Londoners back to their homes in the suburbs. The occasion is the Central Line tube strike of 7th November, when LBC were contracted to provide service extras on a number of routes including the 66 between Leytonstone and Newbury Park. Already blinded up for its return journey, it is seen inching towards Newbury Park station in heavy traffic.


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