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AECs in Europe

This page has pictures of AEC buses running outside the UK that have been sent to me by some of our readers.

If you would like to contribute photographs or news of AEC buses in Europe please email the author at  

AUSTRIA RM2153 has been used for promotional work in Austria but was for sale in October 2012.
BELGIUM Rik Vanheusden is the owner of Routemaster RM428 from 1960, bought from Ensign Bus in November 2004. It is one of 15 RM’s converted in 1985 to Open Toppers for the Original London Sightseeing Tours. It has a Belgian personalised nr plate RM428 as you can see on the picture.
CROATIA Still looking very much like a London bus, RML2487 was pictured on the Baltic coast at Dubrovnic in 2013. Picture from the Internet Café Glembay.
CZECH REPUBLIC David Griffiths sent this picture of AEC Routemaster RM798 which he owns. David lives in Zamek Borec and drove the bus from Barnsley himself after buying it in 1999. It is pictured outside the Culture House in Chlumec. David says he has received many offers to buy it from Czech business men, but will not sell for any price!

CYPRUS Kelvin Williams reports that RM851 (WLT851) is alive and living in the sun in the Ayia Napa Area of Cyprus. It is in the livery of a local Real Estate company and can be seen almost daily somewhere between Ayia Napa and Protaras areas. He has noticed it parked-up at night near the local village of Sotira, in a compound adjacent to a petrol station. Unfortunately he couldn't get a photo, but she looks very impressive and is now open top. Kelvin has seen this bus in October 07 and June 08 - and would welcome any former history of this car prior to her arrival on the island. Kelvinpwilliams@aol.com

Bernard Chandler-Honnor sent the picture. Thanks Bernard!

FRANCE Londonbus France have a number of former LT Regent IIIs in their fleet, including Saunders bodied RT1400 and Weymann bodied RT1282. Up to 11 RTs may remain operational, and there are also two Routemasters. They are used for private hire and publicity purposes. Ron Clarke sent these pictures of RT1282 promoting a mobile telephone company in Gueret in central France in September 2009 (the man with the bucket is the owner!)
Thanks to Brian Watkinson for clarifying this entry. Further pictures, including some previously owned but since sold, are at this Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34955393@N04/sets/72157625886440656/
FRANCE Former East Kent Regent V AFN 766B has been used as a static caravan in France for years. It is currently out of use and resisted attempts to move it in 2012. It may be for sale.
GERMANY Royal London Bus run a sightseeing tour of Leipzig with Routemaster RM641 (alongside a pair of Bristol Lodekkas). See http://www.royal-london-bus.de/.
GERMANY Carsten Schürenberg of events agency BUS STOP Events GmBH has sent this picture of RM2120 which is used for roadshows. They've had some trouble wirth the water pump. If you know where they can get a spare they'd like to know. Tel. 0201/43885936 or email c.schuerenberg@bus-stop-events.de

German RT

GERMANY Hubertus Elster writes: "my AEC Londonbus is used in Germany like a Coffeeshop. We love him and try to set him in good conditions". Thanks for the picture Hubertus. Can anyone identify this particular RT?

German RLH
GERMANY Ex London Transport low-height AEC Regent RLH24 (MXX 224) was spotted in Lorrach on a trip to the Christmas markets in 2008. An Albion Lowlander was also present. Information from John Murray.

340 TJO
GERMANY Owner Ingomar Kieback restored ex City of Oxford AEC Renown 340 in 2010. It is in service with Bus Passion for private hires and tours to Legoland Germany.
GERMANY This Routemaster is in use as a playbus for for kids birthday parties at the parking lot of a McDonald's restaurant in Schwerin, Germany. It was pictured in April 2009 by Volker Pieruch.
GERMANY RM88 (VLT 88) is currently a static snack vehicle at the Restaurant Klosterschenke, Bad Herrenalb in southern Germany near Karlsruhe. The bus is still in good working order and will be for sale in 2013 when the owneer retires. It may return to the UK.
GREECE Routemaster RM1182 is used in Athens for promotional work (roadshows etc.) The owners occasionally require help finding spare parts, so if you know of anywhere please contact them at s_theodoridis@pmm.gr
HUNGARY Keleman Csaba writes (April 2003): I attach some pictures about our 1965 Routemaster, working in Hungary. You can see, the new costume of it, which will be worn for only one month. We made several party in it. Can you tell me, where can we buy parts for our bus (email to kcsaba@lauritzen.hu).
IRELAND Frank Cheevers sent this picture of one of the AEC Regents that that were a special order for CIE to replace the railway service between Waterford and Tramore. They had enormous boots under the stairs to accomodate prams, so it is said.

ITALY RML2285 moved to Venice in 2010, where it is has been converted to a bar/restaurant bus. It can be followed on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LondonBusRML2285/
RM1180 LUXEMBOURG RM1180 is available for hire as a wedding bus, see http://www.routemaster.lu/english/location/location.htm

MALTA Although thee regular operation of AEC Mercurys, Swifts and Reliances on the Malta route bus networke ended in 2011, the ex Big Red Bus AEC Regent has continued to operate on sightseeing tours on the island.

Preserved Malta Regal
MALTA An exciting preservation project in 2008 is 1947 AEC Regal chassis, new as KUM 386 with Wallace Arnold, and last owned by Cancu Supreme Travel but not operated by them. The plan is to create a new replica Duple body for the chassis. More information at http://www.maltahistoricvehicles.com/proj_1947_AEC_regal_1_coach_chassis.htm
THE NETHERLANDS Between 1955 and about 1974 the Dutch bus company LTM used a number of AECs Regal Mk IV, all with bodywork by Roset (Bergen-op-Zoom). I pictured one of the few used since 1971 in the summer of that year in Heerlen. It's LTM 5731 used on a not-too-busy route on a beautiful day in June 1971. Of all these AECs, only one was saved for preservation. If you're interested, I've a complete list of AECs, that were used by NS-owned bus companies in Holland between 1955 and 1974. Photo and caption by Jan Emmelkamp (jan.emmelkamp51@home.nl).
THE NETHERLANDS In June 1953, the OAD in Holten put in service two AECs, type Regal Mark IV 9831S with bodywork by Den Oudsten. These two buses seated 50 and were used as coaches. After the "oil crisis" at the end of 1973, both were put to a less intensive use as schoolbuses. The OAD 50 was preserved as a working museumbus by the OAD, bus 51 was sold for scrap. The picture shows museumbus 50 in Holten on July 16th, 1975. Photo and caption by Jan Emmelkamp (jan.emmelkamp51@home.nl).

GVBA 206

GVBA 209

GVBA 225

THE NETHERLANDS Another user of Den Ousten bodied AEC Regals was GVBA Amsterdam. These pictures were taken during the winter of 1973/74, the last period that the GVBA Amsterdam used their two series of AECs:

  • GVBA 206 AEC Regal Mk IV 9834E/Den Oudsten, 32/63, 1957, at the Amsterdam CS
  • GVBA 209 at Amsterdam Central Station
  • GVBA 225 at the Kamperbrug near the Central Station

Photos and caption by Jan Emmelkamp (jan.emmelkamp51@home.nl).

THE NETHERLANDS And here is one of those Dutch AEC Regals still in use as a camper vehicle with the Familie Roos. More information about their bus can be found on their website www.fam-roos.nl
THE NETHERLANDS This AEC Duple Elizabethan coach has latterly been languishing on a dockside in Amsterdam, but was bought for preservation in 2007. It is 26 HMD new to Gibson, Cockfosters, chassis No MU3RV816 body Duple Brittania No 1066/7. Thanks to Rik Krielaart for this information. Further pics & details from rik@amsterdamhard.com.

THE NETHERLANDS Chris Yland advises that AEC Regal mark III BG-TP-21 is owned by Tichelwerk Recreatie in Ootmarsum. Thanks to John Wakefield this has been identified as former Mulleys Motorways DFK 214. Picture by Chris Yland..

For more pictures see the Tichelwerk Recreatie website at www.kuiperberg.nl. Click on the image of the Paris Renaults and then on Foto's & Info to see the Regal.

NORWAY Tore Haugen writes (April 2003): For the last month or so a double-decker bus has been parked close to my house here in Lillehammer, Norway. Being interested in buses and also a member of the Norwegian Bushistorical Society I had to do some studies of it. I do not know much about English buses but in the front it has a Regent logo and as far as I see then this most be an AEC-bus. On searching the Internet to get this verified I found the AEC Bus Site, so I thought perhaps you were interested. Last saturday the local newspaper here in Lillehammer had an article on the bus and an interview with the owners. In this article it is said that the bus was built in 1963 and was in regular service in Ipswich until 1998.
Geir Midtun adds: The bus is former SDX 61, ex. Ipswich Corporation Transport. New 7/63. AEC Regent Mk V, chassis no. 2D2RA1203 It is now registered in Norway as HS 84899, and has been since 30/04/2003. (It is registered as a Leyland Regent). From taken out of service in Ipswich in 1981 and until 2001 it served as a playbus, and the playbus equipment, inflateable slide etc., is still there. From 2001 to 2003 it was with an owner in London who started to convert it to a mobile apartment, but then it came to Norway. It was first used as a "graduation bus" (or more "party bus") for a group of high school students, then sold to the company that owns it today. What I would have liked to know, is if the bus still had the SDX 61 license plates when used as a playbus in High Wycombe and London.
You can contact Geir on gmidtun@newmedia.no.
More info can be found at http://www.adventures.no/buss.asp
PORTUGAL AMIBUS is a Portuguese bus fans association that gives all the attention to anything concerning buses. As you know, AEC was very important in our country. Unfortunately with the ending of AEC we lost a bus that we were so used. It was so normal to hear their sound in the cities or in the country...
Trying to preserve that feeling, AMIBUS saved two UTIC AEC's. A U2035 C51D and a U2047 C55Dg. Both are equipped with AH691 units but the U2047 is a rear engined. These will be renovated and the intention is to preserve the buses in their original livery.
We also have a 1964 AH505 UTIC AEC U2001U that is in a very poor condition. With time we believe that in some years it will run again.
A selection of Portuguese AECs (UTIC and imported) from AMIBUS can be seen on the AEC Society's Photo Albums (on page 3).
Arriva Portugal AECs

PORTUGAL No. 259, the last of the UTIC AECs to operate with Arriva Portugal in 2005, is now preserved. Marco Lindo had posted some pictures of it and some other of the AECs that were painted in Arriva livery on the AEC Society Fotopic site, http://aec.fotopic.net/c20552.html

PORTUGAL Marco André Reis Ferraz has sent these photos in Aveiro, PORTUGAL, near to the Universidade de Aveiro. It is a famous café! This AEC it does not move, had no engine, only the drivers place and a small room on the 2nd floor. All 2nd floor was removed and the back part it was cut off to made a door to the coffee main house.
SERBIA Petar Cvijetic sent these pictures of the Routemaster used by his company Sightseeing & Rental Co. for transfer tours. More info and pictures at www.serbianbus.com
Spanish Routemaster

SPAIN RM1171 [171CLT] is alive and very well indeed, and garaged at the premises of Frahermar Autocares, in La
Canada de San Urbano, 5km East of Almeria, SouthEast Spain. It has the AEC AV590 engine, and is in excellent mechanical condition. The body is also very good, but has been somewhat modified for use as a promotional vehicle, having had a 4kva generator added under the staircase, and outward-opening windows on the nearside, and all seating removed although they still all exist in store. It is likely to remain with this operator for quite some time to come. Information from Roland Brindley.

SPAIN Manuel Mas, a Spanish Routemaster enthusiast, has bought Routemaster RML2431. He's sent some photos of when it arrived in Spain (Granada), and some more pics of the restoration going on now. He writes: "It´s been really hard for me restore my RML, but i´ve found some goods mechanicals that are working hard on it. I´ve change all the electric installation, cause as you know, RM has the polarity change. The engine is a Cummins, and it look to be in a good condition... I hope it goes well for a long time, because it's very difficult for me to find parts here in Spain. The gear box is another problem, because the bus has a limit speed fn 60 km/h. Do you know if this can be changed? I dont want to convert my RM to a Ferrari, but I'd like it will to be able to make 80-90 km/h..!! ;-) My purpose is to use my RM for publicity (Road-show and street marketing), in fact, I´m working with a good mate who has two RM (in cañada de San Urbano) and we have make a new web to offer ours RM (www.distintoyespectacular.com) sorry it hasn't an English version yet...we are working on it. I hope you, and all the UK enthusiasts of RMs enjoy the photos."

We will, Manuel, and thanks. If anyone can help with his gearbox question, Manuel can be contacted at info@distintoyespectacular.com.

SWEDEN Hans Cassepierre sent this picture of RM354, which is active in Sweden for commercial use and registered MHN 438. The picture is taken outside the Scandic Hotel in Orebro in April 2010.
Ukranian Regents
UKRAINE Former Morecambe & Heysham AEC Regent IIIs JTE 546 and part open-top KTF 594 have been sold by Quantock motor Services to an owner in Ukraine for use as cafés by the Black Sea.