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AECs in Australia and NZ


AECBus has had a lot of messages and some pics from Australian and NZ correspondents, so here's a page dedicated to AECs down under.

Many AECs have found use in Australia as mobile homes, or movans, as depicted here. However, whilst reviewing the page to ensure I have consent to publish personal details such as names and email addresses, I am removing entries where we've had no correspondence since 2010, to prevent it becoming too out of date. Please feel free to contact me again if your entry has gone.

Below are some of the messages and pictures from Australian and NZ friends.

AEC motorhomes in Oz and NZ

Spot the kangaroo Janet and Darryl Tigerblue sent this picture of their bus that has been converted to a motor home. They reckoned it to be an 1972 AEC Swift, although it is a mid mount diesel so AECBus thought it more likely a Reliance. It is definitely an AEC of some discription, and any help in identifying it would be appreciated at tigerblue@globalfreeway.com.au. "It does not go very fast (sits on about 75 kmh if the road is flat) we are trying to see if we can get a better diff. so it goes faster. It has already been around Australia as a motor home before we purchased it although it went around very slowly".

This is the first and probably last picture on the site with a 'roo in it - unless you can send me another.

Wayne Styles emailed in January 2000 to tell me about his A.E.C 38' 1974 Merlin bus with a 691 rear mount motor auto electric gear change. Guess what? - he's been having trouble obtaining a work shop manual for this bus, so if you can help he might appreciate a message at stylesie_2000@yahoo.com.au
Paddy (patrick.catherine@xtra.co.nz) emailed to say they have ex Christchurch Transport 1954 Regal IV DV 481. Ours for ten years 2000 miles on fully reco motor. Have parts cat. Our baby is a 9.6 lt mid mounted layin on her side preselect 4 speed converted to a home.
Tony & Beth (tonybeth@xtra.co.nz, Beth 021-418-523, Tony 025-418-523, Home 04-527-7082) have a 1957 AEC Reliance that has been converted to a housebus here in New Zealand. In August 2001 they were looking for batteries. It runs 2 x 12 volt batteries but would like any major suppliers numbers of these batteries.
Clive Warner emailed in July 2000. He has a Denning 74 seat AEC bus. He's also looking for a manual and can be contacted at clivewarner@globalfreeway.com.au
Gavin Carlini from Perth has AEC chassis #U2RA024AH5906CX85 and is looking for a manual and can be contacted on hondavtr@tpg.com.au
Steve Meers (stemax@bigpond.com.au) emailed in September 2000. He has a 1968 30' AEC Bus converted to a mobile home. It has a mid engined 690 Diesel Motor. He was desperately needing a water pump and input shaft at the time, and may still need some help.
Trevor Kemsley (peterpriest@zfree.co.nz)emailed in December 2000 from New Plymouth, New Zealand, to tell us about his 1974 model Reliance coach 6U3ZRE reg. no. W02636 runing as a mobile home.
Les Coughlin emailed in January 2001. He has a 1967 AEC bus, engine no AHU 470 662 X4597that has been converted to a mobile home and needs to get a workshop manual for the 6 cylinder diesel engine. He also needs to purchase head gaskets for the bus. Any information would be much appreciated. palis@one.net.au
Another Reliance movan running in NZ is this 1962 470 model purchased by Tom and Kat Devlin from Bay of Plenty in November 2003. They drove it 420 k up the island and found it a great experiance. For your info if u r looking for bearings etc. drive shaft yokes, try Holmes Industrial Mt, Maunganui; if any one wants phone number, e-mail wendilee@xtra.co.nz for details.
Trem and Cas emailed from Victoria to tell us about they the bus they bought to do up as a motor home. From photo's on this site we have matched it up as a 1970 SWIFT based on a PARK ROYAL B33D BODY (but we could be wrong). Inside was empty and outside very rough at purchase. They have the motor running and have repaired panels, but were looking for compliance plates. Any further information about anything to do with this model will be well received at castrem@bigpond.com
John Reid emailed in September 2002 after he bought an old AEC bus to convert into a motor home. The engine number is ah5056d 688, and he was hoping for some more info particularly about the engine. Can you help him - email bodyguard_37@yahoo.com.
Phil Levi sent this picture of the AEC Swift he bought in 1998 and turned into his home. He's wondering if others may have the interest in forming an interest group or possibly a club in Australia. Sounds like a good idea to me - there seem to be enough of you. You can contact him at phillevi@bigpond.com.
Graham Rogers emailed in November 2002 to say he runs an AEC691 rear mount, and says "It's a great bus". Could anyone give him the specifications on the motor and/or cooling system, and lastly, has any one tried alternate positions of the radiator or thermostatic fans? Contact nw3@optushome.com.au
Trevor Clark emailed in August 2003 to say he was coverting two AEC Swifts into mobile homes. He was after some parts: "to suit aec swift bus chassis 5p5r, engine ah691/6y differential bevel wheel and pinion 4.27:1 ratio p/no F8858 or anything lower than existing 5.87:1 ratio manual also shows some engines were fitted with turbo charger. do any with matching manifolds still exist?" Contact sst@ihug.com.au
Similarly, Colin Vernon has an AEC motorhome with 690 engine. He was having trouble getting hold of a head gasket for the 11.3 cubic inch sidemount engine. Contact vernon11@bigpond.com.au
Darren Fallon (parisdarren@bigpond.com) has a 1948 model AECdouble decker bus,whicht has been decked out as a mobile home. It seems mechanically okay but only travels at 35mph. He was wondering if this was as fast as they travel or are there different diff ratios, modifications to the engine etc to get them to move along a little faster. Also any specs on the engine and what the diesel fuel injection timing is meant to be would be much appreiciated.
Mal Wright of Roturia, NZ sent this picture and message in January 2006.
I just bought an AEC coach, about 11m long, photo enclosed, which I'm currently gutting to convert to a motorhome. It had a huge mid-mounted diesel engine, 6-speed box and a clutch that would test Arnie! I was hoping you could provide some more detailed ID on it for me, I know it's mid-seventies and a landliner-type body but that's all. Until a month ago it was a charter and school bus. Cheers, Mal. mwright@slingshot.co.nz
Reg Meffert from Adelaide, South Australia, sent this picture in January 2007 of the AEC Regal Mk 1v AEC bus he and parrtner Heather Smith use for touring with his "Cross Country" band, and he says "All the best from OZ". They have decked the bus out, just finished with the shower. She's a grand old girl with the name "Rosie". You can see more pictures and technical info at their website, http://www.geocities.com/regrusty/regrusty.html. rusty@twpo.com.au
Kevin Sparks (kevinsparkes@t&tmetals) emailed in April 2007: I am writing to let you know i have an aec bus that i use as a motorhome its ex MTT 628 Western Australia its i think 1955 i have been living in it for 6months but have owned it nearly 3 years it never lets me down and remains registered. It is fitted with an ah690 motor electropneumatic 4 speed gearbox i also have some parts for it including windows origonal door and a rotary fuel pump to suit a 9.6 ltr motor i would like to make contact with people interested in the aec buses and would like any info that anyone could provide.
Damien Sime also emailed in April 2007, and would appreciate any help identifying his bus: I have inherited a AEC bus, my father in-law just bought a block of land and it had a bus on it that they didn't want. It looks bad in the picture but it was only parked there about 3 yrs ago. My question is can you please tell me what model/year this bus is. I'm going to do it up and renovate the inside back to the camper it was. I am also looking for manuals and wiring harness drawings to help with the renovation. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you, Damian Sime Director AMPT Services Ph: (08) 9478 6987 M: 0417 000 126 F: (08) 9478 6976. Email: dsime@ampt.com.au
James Cridland sent this picture of a former London Transport AEC Merlin (Swift) in Mont Gambier, South Australia, that was in use as a motorhome in January 2008. It was exported to Australia in 1976 as part a batch that were withdrawn from London service after only six years. They found use with operators in Sydney, Queensland and New South Wales. This one is in remarkably good condition for a nearly 40 year old vehicle, and still has its original bodywork.
Bruce Coleman emailed in October 2008: Hi from New Zealand. Have purchased a '71 Reliance. Chassis number: 6V37RE 7856 Engine number: AH691-2514 CC: 11310 Any more info greatly appreciated. Was first reg. '72 by railways. Am in the process of converting to motor home. Email: nzderkiwi@yahoo.com.au
Fred Wende of Melbourne, Australia, emailed in January 2009 about his bus which is being transformed it into a diner and takeaway food van. He is interested to know its origins. This bus has an automatic and semi automatic gearbox, is on airbags, don't know what sort of diesel engine it is (6 cylinder) and was known to him as a Vic roads tramway bus. It looks like one of the MMTB AEC Regal Mk IVs, such as no. 759 pictured at the TMSV website - see http://www.tramway.org.au/collections_motorvehicles.htm. Can someone confirm this?. You can contact Fred at freddy54@live.com.au
Another of those long-lived AEC Regals that continues in use as a motorhome. This 1967 AEC Regal mk VI [ex MTT Perth WA ] belogs to Bob Menzies. Bob said in November 2009: "Goes well, comfortable for me & the missus. Have a complete workshop manual for it. Going around Aus. next year. Approx 70 kph top speed. Obviously we are not in a hurry!!"

This AEC Regal is now use as a stationary motor home in Bridgetown, Western Australia. Picture by Tim Jones.

It was originally Midland Railways No 10. It is a Regal IV 9823E and later became A75 in the Western Australian Government Railways fleet. Its known history can be viewed on Dave Urquhart's website at http://perthbus.info/report.php?vid=MR10 It was built as a deck-and-a-half. Dave has sent a photo of it when new.


Click for larger pictureMike Baker has acquired in 2010 what looks like one of the Sydney AEC Regent IIIs (probably a 1947 model) with a mining concession at the Australian Central Heights gem fields in Sapphire, Queensland. He's new to buses, so learning fast, and is also looking for help with establishing the identity of this bus. mb1943@bigpond.com

Other working AECS in Oz and NZ
Ken Fairbairn sent fascinating news of an AEC railmotor that was built in 1931 in Queensland which is operational and used almost every day. It was built at the Queensland Government Railway workshops in Ipswich, Queensland on a 1927 AEC type 506 chassis with a 45HP 1927 AEC engine. Queensland Government Railways purchased 38 chassis in total for conversion to rail use. 3 AEC railmotors of this type operated on the Normanton-Croydon line (RM31, 32 and 60). A 4th railmotor, slightly larger was powered with an AEC 100 HP diesel engine, this was RM74. RM60 is operational and I drive it almost everyday. It's the only one left still owned and operated by QR (Queensland Railways) ie, it is government owned and operated, still! We also have the chassis and motor of RM32. There are a number still in existence but have since passed into private ownership. Of these, I believe that 3 are operational; although, in 1962 QGR converted all AEC railmotors that were still in service to 4 cylinder AEC diesel motors. RM55 "Red Fred" is an example at the Rosewood museum. http://www.arhs-qld.org.au/rosewood-railway-museum, otherwise RM60 is the only example left with its original petrol engine (apart from RM32 which is in pieces).
Shadows Wine Country Tours, NSW, Australia have nearly restored an old English Double Decker bus which came from China to Australia about 15 years ago. We started the restoration back in September 2000. I would like to find a manual for the bus that I have. To know exactly what bus it is would be a help to us. Facts that we know is that it came from the Kowloon bus Company in China. We think it's a 1952 or 1954 model. Motor is an AV690 which is the11.3ltr. It has a pre select gear change the chassis number is1499. There are 2 set of doors, front one, middle twin doors.I would welcome any information about this bus and are there manuals available. shadows@hunterlink.net.au
Former City of Oxford AEC Renown 362 (registered SGH 736 in Australia) has ended its time as a London-themed tour bus in South Australia, but will live on as a coffee shop in Locheil.
Richard Hawker (richkim@xtra.co.nz) runs a 1974 AEC Reliance on charter services. In late 2001 he was looking for spare parts including a transfer case, alternator and powersteering pump. He may still appreciate some info.
Bryce Pender sent information about Routemasters still operational in NZ in the summer of 2007. RM1660 is working daily on a tour based from Queenstown to Arrowtown in the South Island. RM1670 is based near Bryce's home in Wellington and is regularly seen in the city centre offering rides. RML2724 is based in Napier doing charter work.
Also still active in 2009 in NZ is a lowbridge AEC Regent III, former London Transport RLH45 (MXX 245). It is active in the Auckland area with Robbie's Double Decker Travel, and is available for private hire.
Preserved AECs in Oz

Adelaide. Tony Elliott emailed with pictures of former London Transport RT1787 (KYY 625), which is now preserved in Adelaide. He pictured it in the 2005 Adelaide Christmas carnival. The open-topper in front is also an ex London Regent III RT, but has not been identified and suffers from some rather garish adornments.


Canberra. David Bromage emailed to tell us about the Canberra collection.

The government-owned ACTION bus service in Canberra, Australia has 4 working and 1 stored AECs as part of its heritage fleet:

  • 1949 AEC Regal Mk 3, Commonwealth Engineering body
  • 1960 AEC Reliance, ComEng body (stored)
  • 1961 AEC Reliance, ComEng body
  • 1967 AEC Reliance, Athol Hodges body
  • 1970 AEC Swift, CVI body

The 1949 AEC Regal Mk III in full working order as part of its heritage fleet. It carries the 1950s livery of the Federal Capital Commission Bus Lines and is listed on the Heritage Objects Register.

Canberra. Tim Watts owns an AEC Regent double decker in Canberra Australia, bus number is 2305 built year 1947, which he is rebuilding. He's after some history and some pictures on it as it was purchased from London by the New South Wales Transport in red and white London bus colors and was never put into service in Australia. It is still in original colors and still runs - it has a Gardner motor and a manual pre select gearbox.
Also needed is info on a 1974 Reliance bus which also was sent to Australia as a chassis only. Did they came out rear mount and also centre mount engines and how does he tell what size motor is in the bus.
Melbourne. This 1952 Regal III of the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board has been preserved by John Phillips. It started life as a 42 seat dual-door bus was later converted for one man operation as a 32 seater "Bob Tail" vehicle. It is rallied regularly in Australia and was photographed by its owner while providing transport for visitors at the R.A.N. Cerberus open day in October 1999.

Melbourne. Gary Davey has provided information on the three ex Melbourne and three other AECs he has preserved. They are:
1952 AEC Regal 111 ex Melbourne Tramways No 560
1956 AEC Regal IV ex Melbourne Tramways No 610
1965 AEC Regal VI ex Melbourne Tramways No 755
1950 AEC Regent III ex Sydney Tramways No 2434
1965 AEC Reliance ex Canberra Government Bus Service No 36
1968 AEC Merlin ex London Transport MB306

He says: I and a couple of mates, own a number of Leylands and Bedfords as well. There are a number of AEC preserved here in Melb, all ex Melbournre Tramways. However in Sydney there is a Museum in an old Tram depot in Tempe, They have a great website Try them under Bus and Truck Museum of NSW. They have a number of AECs, mainly ex Sydney Tramways but others as well. The only AECs I can think of in regular service out here are a small number of ex Adelaide AEC Swifts on School runs in the backblocks of Queensland.

Gary can be contacted by email at jdavey@vtown.com.au


Perth / Western Australia.
A number of AECs are preserved by the Bus Preservation Society of WA, and by private owners in WA. The Australian Bus Fleet Lists - Western Australia (http://www.perthbus.info/) page includes a link to the preserved AECs (9) in Western Australia. You can also search by make, to see details including photos of the 230 AECs that worked in Western Australia.


Perth / Western Australia. Hi from Down under Perth Western Australia. Any enquires about AEC spare parts in Western Australia can be directed to me at W.A.Omnibus Society Inc. Our Group is mainly bus owners of vintage Buses. And will help to locate parts for owners. The president Dave Churn is the proud owner of the best RT ex London Double Decker in the West. At this moment we are recovering parts for AECs. Ric Francis, tram1one@bigpond.com


Queensland. Richard Mustchin writes:
Dear members, greetings from Australia, the home of many AEC Regals. My bus served its time in Perth, Western Australia, with the fleet of AECs for MTT. There is a website that lists these buses and their service history from the original shipment from South Africa. Apparently, the Regal VI was manufactured there as chassis units for export. This information I gained from Net research,so original members may know otherwise. I purchased my 1964 Regal VI in Perth, still registered and transporting school groups in 1999. Since then, I have basically fitted it for living, added an extra fuel tank and batteries, and a 12 volt solar system. From the West, we have travelled on the East coast to the Cairns area, and the Whitsundays , and to New South Wales on an annual basis. It has the 690ci horizonal midships 6bore diesel with the low gearing, so flat strap at 80kph. I`ve recently had the injectors done and the seals replaced in the pumps. Also a complete rewire in the dash. So she is firing like a rocket now. I have a manual which seems to cover the 590&690 horizonal engines, electro-neumatic gearbox and the associated drivegear. Anyone needing copies of pages can use the above contact. I`ll attach a photo, and wish you all a bussing good time.Regards OZ Rich.

Richard can be contacted by email at rmustchin@yahoo.com.au


Queensland. Ian Lynas,editor of the Queensland Omnibus & Coach Society Newsletter, sent the following. Our Society has 24 vehicles under preservation, but only four are in a respectable condition. Most of our vehicles were formerly members of the Brisbane City Council Transport Department (BCC) and include:

  • AEC Regal III/Commonwealth Engineering No. 80 built in 1948.
  • Athol Hedges bodied former AEC Regal III BCC 183 which has been in use with the Council's Works Department and has been panelled in for use as a store room but the engine is in good condition.
  • Ex-BCC AEC Regal III/Charles Hope No 86 which is missing a starter motor and has been taken on a preservation agreement by a member of the Society.

These three bodybuilders, Commonwealth Engineering, Charles Hope and Athol Hedges, were the three builders who supplied bodies to the Brisbane City Council on AEC Regal Mk III's. We also have under a preservation agreement, former Sydney Department of Government Transport 2539, AEC Regal III with Commonwealth Engineering bodywork. This bus has an exposed radiator (in Sydney they were known as "frogs").

As for underfloor AEC's. My wife and I own former BCC 191, AEC Regal IV 9821E with Athol Hedges "ugly" body. The Society also owns 200 of the same batch (191-200) but this bus is in poor body condition and its "staggered" seats have been transferred to 191. Also owned are ex-BCC 205 (AEC Regal IV/Athol Hedges) of a more rounded style and 215 of the same type. A member of the Society has ex-BCC 233 (AEC Regal IV 9823E)/Athol Hedges) of a style widely used by Sydney and the Society owns ex-Sydney 3312 which has a Clyde Engineering bodywork of the same style. The Society Secretary owns ex-MTT Adelaide 732, a Regal IV with Lawton body which has been narrowed to 8'2 1/2" from 8'6". This bus is in the livery of Linsley Bros Bus Service of Wallsend in New South Wales, its last operator. Also owned is ex-263, an AEC Reliance 590 with Charles Hope body of 1964, but this bus needs a complete set of windows.

Sean Mitchell has a 1936 AEC Regal, ex Fremantle (West Aust) Municipal Tramways, in his possion at Wyalkatchem. It was in a "sad state" when he emailed in March 2002, and Sean would love to receive any technical information or photos to help with its restoration. You can send emails to cwec@agn.net.au
Stuart Gale, of Kurmond NSW, has this 1952 AEC Double Decker Ex Dept. Government Transport SYDNEY NSW ex Fleet # 2137. When he emailed in April 2002 he was looking for information on the Air System and the Regulator/s that controls air pressure discharge from the tank (usually @ 125 psi) and the availability or sourcing of gaskets for this system, plus the band settings / adjustments, and a source for replacement seals for the 4 Speed Wilson Pre-Selector gearbox as well as a list of the correct lubricants for the gearbox and worm drive differential. Stuart can be contacted at stuart_g@acay.com.au
Mick Hayes has a 1949 AEC Double Decker Ex Wellington NSW #2456. When he emailed in November 2002 he had a problem building air pressure over 65lb and was looking for a Westinghouse triple chamber air system workshop manual plates KA8 through to KA11 AIR FLOW DIAGRAPHS plates at end of book BOOK # 372-93. Mick can be contacted at jelco@hwy.com.au

Steve from New South Wales emailed about their collection. you can contact him at steveandlea@austarnet.com.au

"We have a collection of Ex-NSW Government busses at my cousins Depot. Although I own two Leyland Leopards(one Ex-Govt MK.2-PSU3A/2R Bodied by Smithfield Bus&coach in near finished restoration and one private in the process of being cleaned up for charter work)my cousin and our friend have a good collection of Leyland and A.E.C.s. 3 Regent III Double deckers, one of which is a Regent III (0961/2?)bodied by Commonwealth Engineering(ComEng) re-entering private service in original green and cream livery for charter work along with another Private Reliance and a privatly modified Ex-Govt MK 2 PSU3A/2R Leopard bodied by Pressed Metal Corp.

They also have a collection of Ex-Govt. Regal IVs and "31 seater Frogs" these were single deck bodies built by Clyde or ComEng on Regal III 9621E &Regent III 09621 chassis, due to a change of Govt. policy and a number of Ex-Govt. MK.1&2 Leyland Leopards (both chassis PSU3A/2R) bodied by P.M.C. or Smithfield and a couple of World master-Royal Tigers.(ERT1/1&OPSU1/1)these were either bodied by Clyde or ComEng A lot of these busses will be eventually restored and used for charter work.

Unfortunately some of these vehicles that we recover are in a lot of cases are in a sad and sorry state. Its a slow process but we're getting there. Although we are not a museum of enthusiests, we try to keep our vehicles as original as possible. As soon as I have a scanner I will send photographs of the fleet. Untill then keep up the good work."

Sydney Tony Finneran in Sydney contacted AECBus in March 2006 when he was about to purchase AEC Swift, Chassis number 6P2R1104101. He's hoping someone can give him more info about these so-called "Durban Swifts" as they had something to do with South Africa, but he's not sure what. They may have been part of cancelled supply due to apartheid possibly. Can anyone tell him when this was manufactured ? It has an 8/80 PMC Adelaide body on it. It is in fantastic order and will be preserved into the future. Tony has sent pictures of it following restroration in 2006 and when it was exhibited at the Sydney Bus Show in 1980. You can contact him at finneran@spin.net.au

Click to visit the Sydney Transport Museum page for RT3708Sydney The Sydney Bus Museum has ex London Transport AEC Regent III RT3708 and Routemaster RM1708 preserved in full LT red livery at the former tram depot at Old Leichart in Sydney. You can find out more about the RT on its page at the museum's website, http://www.sydneybusmuseum.com/exhibs/3708.htm. Thanks to Ian Brady for the information.

Also owned are several other Regents, Regals and a Reliance that were new to operators in Australia. A large amount of historical information about these vehicles is presented and their site is well worth a visit. http://www.sydneybusmuseum.com/fleet.htm

Additionally, Declan Gooch tells us that the Bus Museum run a service with AEC Regents in Sydney, NSW, on special event days (including Australia day).


Click to visit the Sydney Transport Museum page for RT3708Sydney / St. Helens (UK) Where to put this picture!? I decided on this page. It's a former Sydney Regent of 1948 vintage, which was converted to a motorhome, now a resident of the the North West Transport Museum in St. Helens, Merseyside, UK.
Picture kindly provided by Ken Jones


Preserved AECs in NZ

The Omnibus Society of New Zealand have some AECs in our collection, including - 1939 Regal 0662 ex 49 of the Wellington fleet, a 1957 Reliance #322, and a 1964 Reliance 374. We also have a large (10) BUT trolleybus fleet (almost AECs - though the last lot were Scammells....).
There are still a few Reliances in service with smaller operators round the country as school buses, but most of the survivors are now movans (mobile caravans).
Graeme Inwood has sent these photos, including some preserved by other owners.

#322 AEC (MK1) Reliance in service from 1957-1988
1 of 67 built in the UK with MCW 40 seat bodywork, fleet numbers 253-300. 30 were built as trolley buses
Owned by Omnibus Society.


#358 AEC Reliance (MK2) in service from 1962 -1992
43 brought. New Zealand Motor Bodies 40 seater.
In original condition, owned by D. White Wellington, NZ.

#374 AEC Reliance (MK2) 1963-1992.
In original condition. Owned by Omnibus Society.


#49 (renumbered 249) AEC Regal 1 - in service from 1940 to 1968. 1 of 2 brought by Wellington City Tramways in 1940.
49 is in original condition now under going restoration by Wellington Omnibus Society.


Trackless Tram #1. New Zealands first tram in operation from the Thorndon Tram Barn to Kaiwharawhara (approx 2miles)
to over come Government ban on Council trams competeing against Gov't trains. #1 operatered from 1923 to 1932. NZ built body on AEC 602 type chassis. The body was used for years at a golf club as a batch/storage. The body has now been saved, the Omnibus Society(still on the AEC chassis) now have it in storage awaiting a decision on what can be
done for it. #1 is stored next to old Cable Car #3(1901-1978 then new Swiss designed Cable Car's replaced them).

A Trackless Tram outside Inglis Bros premises at Wellington on 10th September 1924.




Dave Carr (dj.carr@xtra.co.nz) and Cameron Lill, of The Tramway Historical Society, based at the Ferrymead Museum in Christchurch, have sent details about their collection. The fleet includes:

Ex Christchurch Transport #290 1952 Regal MkIV, Chassis Number 1150. This vehicle is operational and is used regularly on local charter and hire work.
Another picture of this bus, taken by Leo Dana.

Ex Christchurch Transport #410 1958 Reliance REL470, Chassis Number 1667. This vehicle is operational and is used regularly on local charter and hire work.


Ex Christchurch Transport #452 1964 Reliance REL505, Chassis Number 4394. This vehicle is operational and is used regularly on local charter and hire work.


Ex London Transport RT3132 has been owned since 1974 and restoration was completed in October 2002. It runs in service in the heritage fleet.


There are a further four operational vehicles including Bristol RELLs, and others awaiting restoration include the remains of three Q's from 1936, chassis numbers 172, 173,and 175, and in even worse condition but not beyond reconstruction is a 1936 Regal half cab.


Bryce Pender emailed about RT4189 and RM1670, which are in the bus museum at Foxton, about 45 miles north of Wellington, run by Wayne Little. RT4189 came from New South Wales, to M.O.T.A.T in Auckland. It is now restored in Lincoln Green country area livery. There is a photo of RT4189 on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/51227209@N03/6248564331/

Bryce also tells us about Routemaster RM221, which is with a private museum in Wanka.

Hi there, we have purchased a 1953 AEC double decker ex department of government transport Sydney NSW ex fleet # 2371. As the photo shows she is in pretty poor shape at present. We have had success in starting the motor but cant work out how to make her stop. Also all the gauges and dials are a mystery as they are mostly worn. We would like to know from anyone who may be able to put us in the way of any information or photos of how they should look... Please contact me at qbm@slingshot.co.nz (May 2006)
John Osborn reports that ex Auckland Transport Board 1953 AEC regal bus number 359, is part of the historic bus fleet of the the Public Transport Division of The Museum Of Transport and Technology, here in Auckland New Zealand. 359 is currently in storage, here in Auckland, and is currently awaiting future restoration/display and/or operation by members of the Public transport division of the museum. (November 2002).

John Fisher has a 1970 AEC Swift. It's abought 40ft long and has a 690 and ZF six speed box. It used to belong to the Gisborne City Council. It is registered as a model 505. It has a fibre glass front and rear panel and two doors one in front and one mid way. Anybody with any further information about this bus could contact John at steptoe@clear.net.nz.


Steve Parlane has 29' 1952 Regal MK IV (A219 under floor motor), with a copy of the original AEC "Maintenance and Service Manual for the REGAL Mark IV" , and a full Maintenance history (log book) from 1968 to 1984, but no info on the history of this bus prior to 1986, when it was registered as a Christchurch School Bus (16/10/68) and licensed to carry 58 primary (or 42 secondary) school children seated. The Chassis No. is : 1165. Any further info would be appreciated, to sparlane@gdc.co.nz. Was it bodied here in NZ or in UK? I think it may be an early Mk IV, but has the 8' wide chassis, so may have been built for export.


Kiwi Dave has a 1952 AEC Regent which was bodied in Australia. He has a copy of a service manual which covers every thing from chassis to electrics, but not the bodywork. If anybody wants copies of any of the parts of the manual he would be happy to scan them and send them off as attachments. Contact dave@computec.co.nz




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